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Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre

In 2022 Emma started directing productions at Liverpool's Royal Court Theatre. One of the biggest producing theatres in the North West of England. The Royal Court produces new plays throughout the year in its main stage of 1200 seats and studio space of 150 seats, With its unique Scouse references and style, hit songs and the hallmark Scouse humour, it's a great night out at the Royal Court. 

Haunted Scouse


Royal Court Main Stage

Written by Gerry Linford

Directed by Emma Bird

Feb 2024

"A genuinely enjoyable production, there is strong and assured direction from Emma Bird, who handles the material well and helps bring out as much laughter from the script as possible" (The Reviews Hub)

"It is to the cast, Gerry Linford, and the tremendous direction of Emma Bird, that laughter and tears can live hand in hand with customary ease and fruitful theatre pleasure." (Liverpool Sound & Vision)

Bingo Star

Royal Court Main Stage

Written by Iain Christie

Directed by Emma Bird

March 2023​

"Emma Bird's direction keeps us glued to the unfolding plot and creating a lovely sense of play for the barmy band of characters. She allows the cast to navigate perfectly between the world of the plot and the much anticipated "bingo time" slipping seamlessly between the fourth wall breaking and snapping back into the thick of the on stage drama...Christie's script along with Bird's direction set up some really poignant moments of pathos... in particular a heart-warming scene from a nuanced Stocks and on stage daughter Sutton really warms your heart with an unexpected twist making a beautiful touch. Huge kudos to the writer and director for this moment." (The Reviews Hub)

Stocking Fillers

Hey Bunny Get Loose

Royal Court Studio

A series of 10 minute plays written by writers from the Stage Write Playwrights Scheme

Directed by Emma Bird

Dec 2022

White Christmas Lies by Wallace Charles

Better Watch Out by Rachel Clark

Santa on the Roof by Jacqui Dunne

Midnight Mass Bouncer by EJ Fisher

Derby Day Disaster by Rachel Hunter

Shelter by Harvey Robinson

A Tipsy Christmas Fairy Tale by Liz Redwood​

"Stocking Fillers is a delightful curation of short Christmas plays by local writers testing out their craft on the Royal Court Studio stage with the support of a remarkable cast and expertly directed by Emma Bird... Entering the Studio, the intimate venue is decorated in festive splendour to capture the magic of the season. The backdrop on the stage leaves us in no doubt as to what kind of Christmas we’re celebrating – a Scouse one full of the energy and acerbic wit we’ve come to expect from the Royal Court. The show opens with the four actors performing a song specially commissioned by Emma Bird to give the show some audio-visual yuletide wrapping...I felt truly in the festive spirit watching the show, from the set, the fairy lights in the auditorium and the stories themselves." (Opening Nights)​​

Hey Bunny Get Loose 2.jpg.article-962.jpg

Written by Wendy Dickinson
Directed by Emma Bird
Royal Court Studio
May 2022​

"One of the appealing assets to Merseyside's artistic cultural development is a platform for new writing. This is where the Royal Court should take a bow. The Court's Stage Write scheme is one just route for new writers, and a welcome commission opened this week with Hey Bunny, Get Loose. It's a well-paced look at the crumbling life of Dingle resident Gemma - a woman at the crossroads of her life ... obsessed with rabbits. Or is she? It's a bitter-sweet play - with light and dark humour sitting well together presented by a talented cast of six actors. Emma Bird directs providing some difficult flashback sequences very well. An accomplished piece." (Wirral Globe) 

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