by Ariel Dorfman

Directed by Margaret Connell and produced by Siobhan Noble.

EB Productions

Hope Street Theatre

Liverpool, 2019

"A powerful and mesmerising piece" North West End ★★★★★

"It is Emma Bird who takes the laurels in this production for her simmering portrayal of Paulina. From her initial terror in recognising the doctor’s voice to despair as she tries to get her husband on side, Bird is a mesmerising presence on stage. In an emotionally draining performance she never allows her character’s tension to relax for a moment" Good News Liverpool. 

NEW DAWN FADES: A Play about Joy Division and Manchester

By Brian Gorman

Directed by Emma Bird

Dancehouse Theatre 

Manchester 2018

Produced to critical and audience acclaim. The production sold out every night with standing ovations. 


“Skilfully directed and driven in its emotional impact by Emma Bird”


By Brian Coyle

Directed by Emma Bird

Liverpool and Manchester Fringe Festivals, 2018

Nominated for Best Director, Best Writer, Best Play, Best Actor at Liverpool Fringe Festival 2018.

"A fantastic production created by director Emma Bird as she takes the audience on a trip into the lives of the disenfranchised" North West End 


By Jim Cartwright

Directed by Emma Bird

Manchester Fringe Festival, 2018

"Director Emma Bird created a spontaneous, semi improvised mood to the whole production and the beauty of Cartwright's language was able to sound realistic and lifelike as a result." North West End


By Mark Griffiths

Directed by Emma Bird

3MT Theatre

Manchester 2017

"Director Emma Bird walks a fine line with the production, ensuring that the very different acting styles of the cast complement each other rather than clash. Pete Gibson takes a naturalistic approach to the characterisation of Adams while Rachel Howard is brash and comedic – together they make for an exuberant show" Manchester Theatre Awards

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